Post-Contract Consultancy Services

In Al Khail Company, our contract management strategy encompasses a comprehensive approach that covers various types of company agreements, ranging from standard employment contracts to highly specific and complex deals. Our post-contract services include:

Tendering Services

  • Establishing conditions of contracts
  • Pre-qualifying tenders
  • Issuing invitations to tenders
  • Conducting tender analysis
  • Preparing final reports and contract awards

Tender Analysis & Negotiation

  • Ensuring transparency in the process
  • Adhering to accepted and understandable practices
  • Compliance with standardization policies
  • Promoting fairness to all parties involved
  • Encouraging healthy competition
  • Simplifying the comparison of offers
  • Maintaining an audit trail

Contract Award

  • Developing contract documents and plans
  • Assembling the project team and contract structure
  • Formulating a contract strategy
  • Conducting risk assessments, inspections, and addressing warranty aspects
  • Drafting specifications and requirements
  • Establishing pre-qualification, qualification, and tendering procedures
  • Evaluating tenders, negotiations, and supplier appraisals
  • Preparing Invitation to Tender (ITT) documents
  • Evaluating tenderers and facilitating negotiations
  • Finalizing the contract award process

Program Management Services

  • Creating project lifecycle schedules
  • Managing project costs
  • Handling stakeholders effectively
  • Managing communication channels
  • Ensuring quality assurance and control
  • Efficiently managing resources
  • Overseeing procurement activities
  • Maintaining document control and dissemination processes
  • Facilitating the handover stage
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What makes us different?

At Al Khalil Engineering, We specialize at our outstanding ability understand our clients needs and desires in their dream homes or commercial projects and deliver the project in the best form possible on time and within the budget limits.

One Stop Firm


Team of professionals

Comprehensive Project Management

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