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Abu Dhabi

P.O.Box : 107562, Abu Dhabi, UAE
Tel : 02-6222950
Mobile : 050-7909228
Email :

Al Ain

P.O.Box : 65075, Al Ail, UAE.
Tel : 03-7619872
Mobile : 050-4720047
Email :


P.O.Box : 341937, Dubai, UAE
Tel : 04-5721333
Mobile : 050-3227243
Email :

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Interested In A Career At Al Khail Engineering Company?

As progressive Engineering Consultants that embraces innovation and values creativity, we recognize the importance of having the right people to help us differentiate in order to provide the best service to our clients. We are constantly on the lookout for talents to assist us to grow and expand both locally and internationally.


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    What makes us different?

    At Al Khalil Engineering, We specialize at our outstanding ability understand our clients needs and desires in their dream homes or commercial projects and deliver the project in the best form possible on time and within the budget limits.

    One Stop Firm


    Team of professionals

    Comprehensive Project Management

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